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An ideal treatment for skin that is dry and or/sensitive. This is formulated to soothe, calm and treat the ultimate needs for dry and/ or sensitive condition.

Collagen O2

State of the art treatment that uniquely utilizes the benefits of both collagen and oxygen to protect and restore the skin's natural balance while it gives the skin a fresh, smooth and supple appearance.

Boto-derm Rx

Charges your complexion with a mega-dose of moisturizers, antioxidants and 4 different peptides. Daily use helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and helps keep the skin moisturize and radiant. It also helps condition and revitalize aging skin while you sleep, leaving the skin unbelievably radiant and silky looking.

Omega 3

Provides a ubiquitous foundation to maintain healthy skin, prevents aging and improves moisture content -- without adding oiliness. For both acne-prone skin and chronically dry skin.

Deep Cleansing

For clients that need good exfoliation and extraction along with extra hands-on.

Gentleman's Facial

This facial addresses the needs of men due to shaving by calming, hydrating and nourishing the skin. Please shave prior to appointment to get optimal results.

C-Weed Multi-derm Facial

This relaxing and therapeutic treatment benefits all skin types by hydrating and detoxifying the skin as well as improving elasticity and skin tone. The result is a healthy glow.

Signature Back Facial

This treatment includes everything that we would do for a facial but with a few extras. Included is a scalp massage, reflexology of the hands and feet with a touch of hot stone back massage.